CMS lacks 'strategic vision'

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the agency charged with the monumental task of transforming healthcare in America, lacks a coherent, consolidated strategic vision, according to former CMS Administrator Don Berwick, Kaiser Health News and The Washington Post reported. Critics have questioned how effective the agency is, with congressional interference and limited resources. For example, the agency is hardly new to a "revolving door" of leadership with what's called the hardest job to fill (and keep), the article noted. Berwick resigned in December, and Marilyn Tavenner took his place as acting administrator. And despite growing responsibilities and increasing numbers of beneficiaries, CMS has the same number of employees (about 4,900) as during the Carter administration, the article noted.

Still, Gail Wilensky, head of the agency during the W. Bush administration, said in the article, "It's not just a check-writing agency anymore." Article