Cleveland Clinic illegally closing Huron Hospital, Mayor says

Cleveland Clinic's Monday announcement that it will be shutting down community facility Huron Hospital has local officials up in arms about the potential loss of emergency and trauma care.

Huron Hospital has been in Cleveland for 137 years but has been reportedly hemorrhaging money for a half-filled facility in which the institution typically only reaches half of its desired patient volume.

Officials are questioning the what they say may be an illegal decision to close Huron's doors.

"I am deeply disappointed that the Cleveland Clinic is abandoning a critical component of health care for thousands of constituents in Cleveland and East Cleveland by eliminating in-patient service in an area where it is desperately needed," said Rep. Marcia L. Fudge (D-Ohio) in a press statement. "Quality care must be accessible care. While the opening of the Cleveland Clinic Huron Community Health Center in October is important for meeting the needs of residents, it should not be viewed as a replacement for emergency room care and inpatient medical care," she said.

Cleveland Clinic's decision comes as a shock. Only 16 months ago, Huron's chief administrator Gus Kious discussed expanding the facility, according to The Plain Dealer. Instead, the discussed plans will turn into a $25 million outpatient clinic that will serve as a community health center to open in October.

"The Cleveland Clinic has left the city with little choice but to resume legal action in an effort to protect the public health and safety interest of our community," said Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson in an Associated Press report.

Cleveland Clinic said it plans to close Huron Hospital in 90 days.

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