Cleveland Clinic blasted, urged to help MetroHealth crisis

Cleveland Clinic once again comes under criticism from Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) when the congressman yesterday urged the leading hospital to provide financial help to the struggling safety-net hospital, Metrohealth System, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

"No one hospital should be expected to take the burden of charity care in the Cleveland community," Kucinich said at a townhall meeting in Cleveland. "Fair is fair."

MetroHealth, the area's safety net provides care for some of the area's poorest residents. It now is cutting $30 million from its budget, planning 450 layoffs, and closing a skilled nursing facility, according to the article.

"MetroHealth has taken a disproportionate amount of uncompensated care in Cuyahoga County," Congressman Kucinich said in a WTAM article. "Instead of seeking fair reimbursement from the Cleveland Clinic, which has not paid its fair share, they have chosen to cut jobs and go after the most vulnerable people by cutting service."

Continued hospital services are essential and layoffs must be avoided, according to Kucinich.

Cleveland Clinic was not invited to the townhall meeting and did not attend, according to the Plain Dealer.

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