Claims rejections through the roof with NPI requirement

Well, everyone knew the following was going to happen, but CMS plowed ahead anyway--though maybe it had to do so or risk never launching at all. As predicted, things have gotten really messy in the claims-processing world in the scant week since providers have been required to use their National Provider Identifier number to submit Medicare claims. Healthcare industry claims processors are reporting a fourfold or more increase in rejected Medicare claims and the same (or even higher) rates for Medicaid claims. Meanwhile, there's been a doubling of rejection rates for claims processed by Blues plans on May 23, the first day they were required to use the NPI.

If all of this happened within one week--one which included the Memorial Day holiday weekend--the next few could be pretty scary. Brace yourselves for some more heavy claims lifting, folks!

To learn more about the problem:
- read this Modern Healthcare article (reg. req.)

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