Charity care minimums for non-profit hospitals may not work; Healthcare a key industry for new Qualcomm-Verizon joint venture;

> Would setting a minimum charity care threshold for non-profit hospitals work? Perhaps not, if a new Health Affairs study is any indication. FierceHealthFinance

> It's looking like healthcare will be a key focus for a new joint venture between Qualcomm and Verizon Wireless. The new venture is offering new "machine-to-machine" wireless services which might include linking medical devices with electronic medical records. FierceMobileHealthcare

> If you're like me, you probably assumed that a mix of paper documents and electronic medical records is a bad thing. Well, maybe not, according to a new study. FierceEMR

> WebMD Health's Medscape has joined the mobile world. Medscape has launched a version for the iPhone and will soon bring out versions for other mobile platforms. FierceMobileHealthcare

And Finally... Sure, and stress makes me eat chocolate and watch Cops, but in either case, you just can't escape the consequences. Articles