Cedars-Sinai cited for endangering pediatric patients

The recent case in which pediatric patients at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center got heparin overdoses has resulted in censure from the California Department of Public Health, which said the hospital had "deficient practices" in how it administered the drug. State regulators found that the hospital didn't educate the staff adequately about safe heparin use, and that nurses failed to read drug labels carefully enough.

Last November, three children, including actor Dennis Quaid's newborn twins, were given 1,000 times the intended dose of the drug.  All three recovered, though two needed treatment for the overdose.

Since the incident occurred, the Los Angeles hospital has issued an apology to the families, provided more staff training and set a system in place requiring four pharmacy workers to verify "high-alert" medications like heparin before the drugs go to a patient care unit.

To find out more about the hospital's efforts to address the errors:
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