The CBCE Launches 3 New Features for the CBCE Oncology CME App for the iPhone® and iPod touch®

IRVING, Texas, June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- The CBCE™ (The Center for Biomedical Continuing Education), a leading provider of accredited, oncology-specific Continuing Medical Education (CME), announces 3 new features for the CBCE Oncology CME App for the iPhone and the iPod touch.

The added features include a new, text-based module, an interactive case module, and oncology/hematology–specific daily news for busy healthcare professionals.  "The utilization and feedback from the oncology/hematology community about the CBCE Oncology CME App have been remarkable over the past twelve months," said Shawn Whalen Shinn, senior vice president.  "We are continuing to evolve this educational tool to ensure that oncology and hematology clinicians have timely access to current CME in an easy-to-use and on-demand format."  The CBCE is also very excited to announce that they have begun development on a new CBCE Oncology CME App for the iPad to launch later this year.

Details on the new iPhone and the iPod touch features include:

AppCME Text-based modules developed specifically for the CBCE Oncology CME App provide a new alternative to the existing multimedia formats.  Modules take no longer than 15 minutes to complete and include charts, graphs, and illustrations to enhance the educational content. At the point of care or away from the clinic, healthcare professionals looking for authoritative content on the most current advances in oncology and hematology can obtain free CME credit quickly and easily with AppCME programs. All AppCME content is catalogued alongside other interactive modules on the CBCE Oncology CME App for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Case AppCME Case AppCME uses a case-based, tumor-specific curriculum to help healthcare professionals understand how recent clinical advances can improve individual patient outcomes.  Healthcare professionals can review complex patient scenarios on timely clinical topics in oncology and compare their treatment decisions to those of a clinical expert.  To accommodate busy schedules of clinicians, each case takes no longer than 15 minutes to complete.  Charts, graphs, and images are incorporated to enhance the educational experience.

Oncology-Specific News The CBCE has partnered with HealthDay's Physician Briefing to provide daily oncology/hematology–focused news within the CBCE Oncology CME App.  This new feature will deliver important medical news to busy clinicians.

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About the CBCE

The CBCE is a leading provider of accredited, oncology-specific CME and continuing education. Since 1999, the CBCE has partnered with clinical experts in solid tumors and hematologic malignancies to develop and implement local, regional, national, and international medical education initiatives designed to accelerate the adoption of best practices and clinical breakthroughs in oncology. The CBCE is dedicated to creating rigorous educational programs at the forefront of science and customized according to the target audience. Our unique experience in oncology and hematology has resulted in an in-depth understanding of the nuanced working lives and learning styles of the specialists, nurses, and pharmacists involved in cancer care. This understanding promotes the development of all interventions. The CBCE vision is to encourage healthcare professionals to commit to change and to define distinct outcomes in their practices to improve patient care and quality of life.