Case study: Pharma works with hospital to create clinic

Now here's something you don't see every day. Pharmaceutical giant Boehringer Ingeheim is working with a hospital and a humanitarian group to create a free clinic for some of Connecticut's uninsured.

Boehringer Ingeheim, which donated $400,000 to the launch, has partnered with Danbury Hospital and AmeriCares to offer clinic services at no charge to Connecticut residents who don't have health insurance. The clinic, which is part of AmeriCares' ongoing Free Clinics program, has become the busiest in the AmeriCares network.

As part of its participation in the clinic program, Boehringer recently conducted a survey of U.S. residents regarding healthcare attitudes, which concluded that six out of 10 Americans believe the state of the economy is likely to affect their own health or wellness in the future. 

Not surprisingly, the study also found that 62 percent of Americans would use a free clinic if they lost or couldn't afford health insurance or didn't qualify for a government health program.

To learn more about the clinic:
- read this volunteer page