Cardinal Health CEO on trends in retail health, ambulatory care

Retail health and the move toward more ambulatory care are trends that are here to stay, says Cardinal Health Chairman and CEO George S. Barrett.

In a video interview with Fortune, Barrett says he sees the Affordable Care Act as a first step that is providing more Americans with access to affordable healthcare. But as with other major social legislation, such as Social Security and Medicare, it will go through modification. But, "the likelihood of repeal is low," added Barrett, who heads the Fortune 500 company based in Dublin, Ohio, which specializes in the distribution in the distribution of pharmaceutical and medical products.

The increasing emphasis on ambulatory care and retail healthcare are also here to stay, says Barrett. Care will be delivered in many different settings, whether they are retail clinics, surgery centers or oncology centers, he says. And ultimately, more care will be delivered in the home. 

Retail clinics can play a vital role in addressing sociodemographic aspects of healthcare, according to a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation report released earlier this year. The report found retail clinics could handle 27 percent of emergency visits, creating $4 billion in savings.

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