Caradigm Introduces New Version of Vergence

Enhancements simplify deployment, configuration and management of single sign-on and context management solution across the health enterprise.

BELLEVUE, Wash., July 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Caradigm™, a Microsoft Corp. and GE Healthcare company, today announced the availability of Vergence 5, a new release of the company's single sign-on (SSO) and context management product for healthcare. Vergence 5 delivers a set of enhancements designed to make it easier for a health system's information technology (IT) department to deploy, configure and manage the product in large-scale, heterogeneous IT environments.


"The role of the health system IT manager is becoming more complex as the industry moves away from episodic care and toward collaborative care of populations across organization boundaries," said Jim Campbell, vice president of Identity Access & Management, Caradigm. "It's imperative to give IT professionals the tools they need to rapidly empower caregivers with access to data while ensuring compliance with data privacy and security regulations. Vergence 5 meets this need."

Vergence unifies single sign-on, role-based application access, patient context management, multifactor authentication and centralized auditing capabilities into an integrated clinical workstation solution. Vergence streamlines caregivers' workflow by enabling them to quickly access clinical, enterprise and personal productivity applications without signing on to each application, and by giving them immediate access to the right patient record as they move from application to application. 

Among the product's new features, Vergence 5 gives IT administrators the capability to centrally configure and manage role-based access to clinical applications across the organization. IT administrators can set up end-user roles and associate those roles with specific applications that are relevant for particular departments within the hospital. The results are automatically distributed to workstations, ensuring that caregivers have access to the applications that make sense for their role wherever they are in the hospital.    

Vergence 5 also features native support for a wide range of server environments and different types of applications, facilitating deployment and ongoing management of the product across the organization. The new version includes enhanced support for building Bridges for Silverlight, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and WinForms applications. Bridges are software adapters that provide single sign-on and context passing. Vergence 5 offers several other enhancements, including support for deploying Vergence Vaults in hypervisor environments and support for additional scenarios in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments.

About Caradigm

Formed by GE Healthcare and Microsoft Corp. in June 2012, Caradigm is a 50–50 joint venture focused on enabling health systems and payers to drive continuous improvements in care. Caradigm software is designed to make it easier for healthcare professionals across care settings to use data to gain critical insights, collaborate with each other and with patients, and to develop and implement innovative care solutions. Amalga, eHealth Information Exchange and Vergence — and applications built by partners to extend these products — give clinicians, administrators and finance teams timely access to key information, helping them to take steps to solve some of healthcare's biggest problems, including chronic disease management, preventable hospital readmissions and hospital acquired conditions, and to advance integrated, accountable care. Caradigm is headquartered in Bellevue, Wash. For more information about the company, visit

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