Cancer prevention, treatment can get a boost from employers; Advocates fear limited coverage for habilitative services;

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> Employers can play a significant role in cancer prevention and treatment by adopting policies that support employees' efforts to reach their health goals, according to a Population Health Management study. For example, Johnson & Johnson provides 100 percent coverage of preventive health screenings. Abstract

> To prevent pension double-dipping, California Gov. Jerry Brown this week signed a bill into law that bans healthcare districts from paying retirement benefits to its hospital executives while they are still employed by a healthcare district. Announcement

> Emergency doctors may not accept insurance even if the hospital does, CBS5 reported. Since emergency room doctors are usually independent hospital contractors, the practice is legal. Article

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> While advocates for the disabled applaud the inclusion of habilitative services as an essential health benefit under the Affordable Care Act, they worry payers can "pick and choose" which therapies they will cover come Jan. 1. Article

> Vanguard Health System, Tufts Medical Center and its New England Quality Care Alliance physicians' group have formed a consumer operated and oriented plan health plan with an $88.5 million loan from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Article

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