California providers, hospitals protest reimbursement cuts; Are docs really struggling to meet Meaningful Use?;

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 > Doctors, hospitals, and healthcare worker unions on Tuesday protested Gov. Jerry Brown's proposal for 10 percent Medi-Cal cuts, The Sacramento Bee reported. The proposal has faced a lot of opposition, with health leaders from around the Bay Area also pushing to stop the cuts. Article

> Kentucky cardiologist Sandesh Patil admitted he made false statements to ensure Medicaid reimbursement for inserting stents. Patil was the subject of a federal healthcare fraud investigation involving 400 patient lawsuits against St. Joseph Hospital in London for unnecessary stenting. Article

> The CEO of Roseland Community Hospital resigns after blaming the hospital's financial troubles on the state of Illinois failing to pay the $6 million it promised for development and operation of an adolescent behavioral health unit that opened in 2011, The Chicago Tribune reported. The hospital called president and CEO Dian Powell's statement inaccurate. Article

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> Using both a paper and an electronic health record system at the same time--a common practice during an entity's transition from paper to EHRs--increases the likelihood of errors, according to a recent study from the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority. Article

> Physicians have had difficulty meeting Meaningful Use criteria for electronic health records, according to research published this week in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The researchers also found that physicians struggled with using EHR systems for panel management tasks. Article

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