Calgary Scientific's ResolutionMD™ 3.1 Goes Global with Latest Release

Now available in 10 languages to address growing global interest

CALGARY, Alberta, Sept. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Calgary Scientific Inc., a company known for creating transformative technology that reshapes industries, introduces ResolutionMD™ 3.1 to the global medical community. The industry-leading web and mobile universal medical image viewing software, already in use globally, now supports 10 languages and the company will continue to expand its market share through partnerships with many of the world's most notable global OEM partners.

ResolutionMD is known for its FDA clearance for diagnosis on mobile iOS and web, web and cloud scalability, data security, comprehensive collaboration capability and rapid access on both iOS and Android devices. All of these factors have led to increased global demand. The ability to locate and access patient images and reports in real time, without any of that data ever remaining resident on the computer or mobile device is one of the key ways the company has differentiated itself. The application also demonstrates advanced collaboration functionality embedded within the product, allowing multiple users to share and interact with the application in real time from multiple locations and devices simply by clicking on an embedded link within an email or text. Patient data access made accessible from anywhere, on high and low bandwidth networks, gives doctors the full picture needed to make a diagnosis from anywhere.

Highlights of the 3.1 enhancements:

Expanded Language Support: ResolutionMD will now be supported in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese for both ResolutionMD Web and ResolutionMD Mobile.

Split-view layout on tablet devices - iPad and Android Tablet users can now view images side by side with ResolutionMD, for effective review of a study and comparing of images. Previous releases introduced new layout options on the web, now they are available on various mobile devices.

Presentation State - ResolutionMD has expanded its multi-site data access abilities, and can now view the DICOM GSPS from multiple PACS solutions, based on a single simultaneous geographical search. GSPS can be viewed on both web and mobile devices, making image and results distribution even more meaningful to the physician.

IT level feature access configuration - ResolutionMD 3.1 is now completely configurable, flexible, and customizable at the IT and license management level. ResolutionMD can now be configured to progressively add in levels of increased capability and sophistication to suit the needs of each site install.  A user can begin with basic 2D capabilities and then build upon that to include MiP/MPR and full 3D; mobility; and real time collaboration, with each incremental level of sophistication and capability available to suit the makeup and needs of the end users, and the budgets of the enterprise. 

"Over the past four years, ResolutionMD has grown from a great viewer into a powerful integrated component of Healthcare Interconnected Enterprise platforms used to securely access images, reports and patient data needed to make a whole-picture diagnosis of a patient, regardless of where the data resides geographically, or which vendor's storage system it is housed," says Pierre Lemire, President and CTO of Calgary Scientific. "We have grown strong relationships with leading luminary partners and those relationships have helped guide our product development so we are constantly leading the market with customer-focused technology innovations."

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Download the updated mobile product on Google Play here or on the Apple App store here.

About Calgary Scientific Inc.

Calgary Scientific is dedicated to providing advanced web-enablement, mobility and visualization solutions for industries looking for secure access to their data or graphics intensive applications, while using their existing systems. Calgary Scientific began developing technology for the medical industry – a sector with the most rigorous demands for access, visually rich data, privacy, security and scale. With our FDA-cleared ResolutionMD™ technology, we have proved our ability to revolutionize healthcare, and now with the unique power of the PureWeb® software platform, we are doing the same for other industries. For more information on Calgary Scientific, go to or Or follow us on Twitter at @calsci and @getpureweb.

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