Cadient Group Moves Marketing from Expectation to Action through Enhanced Patient Engagement

Digital marketing experts provide insight on how healthcare professionals can better engage and manage patient and provider expectations

Cadient Group Moves Marketing from Expectation to Action through Enhanced Patient Engagement

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Digital and social communications is changing the way patients, providers and healthcare marketers communicate with one another. Today, , a leading interactive marketing agency, released a new white paper, “,” that explains the benefits of digital patient engagement and offers insightful tips on how healthcare professionals can identify opportunities for action.

Will Reese, Cadient’s Chief Innovation Officer, notes, “Every day our customers expect something from our brands. Do we satisfy those expectations? Do we exceed those expectations? Do we pleasantly surprise when it comes to those expectations?”

This paper provides best practices for managing healthcare expectations through enhanced patient—and provider—engagement and serves as a great resource for marketers who are looking for innovative solutions to help improve product delivery, management of expectations and ultimately get results in action. Whether it’s between patient and provider or patient and product, expectations in the healthcare space do not always align. This disconnect can cause distrust, dissatisfaction and negative outcomes for both patients and providers. In this paper, Cadient Group outlines how marketers can move from expectation to action by taking steps to identify, manage, and optimize these expectations.

“With the dramatic changes occurring in the healthcare system, it is more important than ever for brands to focus on engaging with their patients and customers,” explains Chris Mycek, Cadient’s Chief Customer Officer. “We believe that by focusing on key digital actions and managing expectations, our clients can help take their patient engagement to a whole new level.”

Taking proactive steps toward improving marketing initiatives and bettering patient/provider communication, “Health Expectations” presents action items to create an open dialogue and address the issues of unrealistic expectations. Cadient Group has tracked, practiced, and now defined, a few innovative new ways to help marketers resolve and manage the uncertainty in the consumer-facing healthcare industry. The key takeaways from “Healthy Expectations: Moving Marketing from Expectation to Action” include:

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