Cabinet Releases Medicaid Managed Care Request for Proposal

April 7, 2011 - Managed care initiative aims to help improve care coordination, reduce costs
The Cabinet for Health and Family Services' initiative to improve care coordination and reduce costs for the state's Medicaid program advanced today with the release of a Medicaid Managed Care request for proposal (RFP)  through the Finance and Administration Cabinet's eProcurement website.
The RFP calls for proposals from qualified managed care organizations (MCOs) to manage the health care services-including physical, mental and dental health-for eligible Medicaid recipients across the commonwealth.

"This is a milestone in our efforts to bring greater efficiency and innovation to the management of Kentucky's Medicaid program," said Janie Miller, Secretary. "As we continue to meet the needs of the more than 800,000 Kentuckians who depend on the program, we must aggressively pursue ways to better manage health care services and control rising costs. Managed care is a proven strategy that has been tested in both the public and private sectors."

Responses to the RFP are due May 25, and the Cabinet plans to have contracts in place by July 1. The managed care strategy emphasizes a holistic approach to health care, which can be particularly effective in helping coordinate the care delivery needs of individuals with multiple health issues and providers.

The goal of the contract or contracts will be to improve health care outcomes, particularly in the following areas: diabetes, coronary artery disease, colon cancer, cervical cancer, behavioral health, prenatal care and oral health. The RFP also places a high priority on: increasing patient responsibility by reducing inappropriate and overuse of services, such as unnecessary ER visits; improving care coordination, especially for individuals with chronic illnesses; promoting wellness and healthier lifestyles; and lowering the overall cost of health care.

"We believe this is the right move to deliver appropriate, efficient, economical and effective care to Kentucky's Medicaid population," said Neville Wise, acting Medicaid commissioner. "Not only will this approach help us better control the Medicaid budget, but we also expect to see improved health outcomes for those we serve."

For additional information or to view the RFP, visit the Commonwealth of Kentucky's eProcurement website. Any questions related to this procurement from potential vendors must be directed to Don Speer, Executive Director, Office of Procurement Services, Finance and Administration Cabinet, (502) 564-4510 or [email protected].