CA lawmakers push for tougher plastic surgery rules

Driven in part by the death of the mother of hip-hop star Kanye West, who was getting liposuction and breast implant surgery, California physicians and lawmakers are pushing to tighten up regulation of the cosmetic surgery industry in the state. Right now, such surgeries are increasingly being done in outpatient clinics, where doctors don't face rigorous reviews. However, as with doctors in other states (such as Florida), California legislators would like to see tougher oversight of doctors performing such procedures.

Legislators are being forced to take such steps despite their already being rules on the books designed to prevent safety problems during outpatient cosmetic surgery. More than 10 years ago, the state passed a law requiring cosmetic surgery centers to be recognized by the state, have resuscitation equipment and have procedures to transfer patients to a hospital. However, critics say the law hasn't been effective.

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