C8 MediSensors Launches c8medisensors.com

San José, California, September 2nd 2011 - C8 MediSensors, Inc., launched www.c8medisensors.com today, and the HG1-c, its new, noninvasive Continuous Glucose Monitor (nCGM).

In its quest to make glucose measurement easy for individuals living with diabetes, C8 MediSensors developed what we believe to be the world's only ideal glucose monitor, the HG-1c.  The Company's product is completely painless and harmless, has measurement accuracy comparable to that of invasive Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) on the market, is capable of continuous and spot-check measurements, is non-intrusive in the user's life, and will cost less than three finger-stick tests per day over a four-year period.

The HG1-c is designed to be used around-the-clock. In normal use, the HG1-c is worn on the abdomen, underneath the user's clothing, and makes measurements automatically every ten minutes.  There is no sensation associated with the measurement.  Once the measurement has been made, the results are transmitted wirelessly to a smart phone or other compatible device for display.  Use of a smart phone display enables users to monitor their glucose levels discreetly, set alarms, and communicate with others as desired.

The HG1-c employs an optical technique called Raman spectroscopy to quantify the amount of glucose in the body.  Unlike the many unsuccessful attempts to employ mid-infrared or near-infrared spectroscopy, the unique Raman spectroscopy technique is highly effective in differentiating glucose from other substances in the skin.  The product represents a true technological breakthrough in miniaturization and biomedical instrumentation.

"The HG1-c nCGM is designed to be ready to use out-of-the-box and needs no expensive consumables," said Robert P. McNamara, Ph.D., C8 MediSensors' Chairman & CEO.  "This is completely unlike invasive CGM devices, which require consumable sensor needles embedded in the skin, or finger-stick meters that require lancets, finger-stick test strips, and calibration solutions."

C8 MediSensors is in the process of obtaining CE Mark regulatory approval for the HG1-c and intends to begin selling units in Europe and other countries that recognize CE Mark certification.

At c8medisensors.com, people living with diabetes, healthcare providers and other interested parties will find extensive information about C8 MediSensors and our HG1-c nCGM product.

The HG1-c is not yet approved for sale in the E.U. or the U.S.