C-SPAN urges Congress to televise final healthcare debates

Don't be surprised if you stumble upon the healthcare debates the next time you're channel surfing. Brian Lamb, CEO of C-SPAN, has asked Congress to allow them to be televised, the news organization reports.

"The C-SPAN networks will commit the necessary resources to covering all of the sessions LIVE and in their entirety," he wrote in a Dec. 30 letter to Congress.

His request may be moot, however, if Congressional leaders hash out the differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill in a series of closed-door talks, rather than through the traditional committee hearings, as the Associated Press has reported they intend to do.

President Obama could thwart that attempt, however. You may recall that during his presidential campaign, Obama promised to keep the healthcare debates transparent, including through putting them on TV. Time will tell whether this particular revolution is televised.

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