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SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- BSD Medical Corp. (NASDAQ: BSDM) today reported publication of a special issue of the International Journal of Hyperthermia that covers the significant progress that has been made in the clinical application of hyperthermia for the treatment of breast cancer. (Int. J. Hyperthermia, October 2010; DOI: 10.3109/02656736.2010.506471.) This special issue, which was published in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, provides a comprehensive review of the clinical data on the use of hyperthermia combined with radiation for the treatment of chest wall recurrence from breast cancer. The issue also reviews the clinical studies on the use of hyperthermia in combination with radiation and chemotherapy for the treatment of locally advanced breast cancer. The breast cancer special edition is free access and can be viewed at

Ellen L. Jones, MD PhD, University of North Carolina Cancer Hospital, wrote the introduction to the special edition. Dr. Jones stated that “The breadth of contributions from the authors in this special issue highlights the tremendous progress that has occurred in the role of hyperthermia for the treatment of breast cancer. This has garnered broad interest at the national level, and the impact of this work led the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) to include hyperthermia in the 2007 Breast Cancer Guidelines for recurrent breast cancer. In summary, there is a strong biological rationale for the use of hyperthermia in breast cancer, and this has been proven in clinical trials to enhance treatment outcome.”

Van Der Zee, et al. (Reirradiation combined with hyperthermia in breast cancer recurrences: Overview of experience in Erasmus MC) reviewed 21 published clinical studies on 974 patients who had recurrent breast cancer after previous irradiation who were treated with hyperthermia and radiotherapy. The rate of complete response following reirradiation and hyperthermia for these patients was 61%, as compared to only 32% after radiotherapy alone. The researchers also reviewed their clinical experience in treating patients who had recurrent breast cancer after previous irradiation. The researchers stated that “In 74% of our patients with recurrent breast cancer treated with a reirradiation scheme of 8 fractions of 4 Gy in 4 weeks, combined with 4 or 8 hyperthermia treatments, a complete response is achieved, approximately twice as high as the CR rate following the same reirradiation alone. The CR rate in tumours smaller than 30mm is 80–90%, for larger tumours it is 65%. Hyperthermia appears beneficial for patients with microscopic residual tumour as well.”

Zagar, et al. (Hyperthermia combined with radiation therapy for superficial breast cancer and chest wall recurrence: A review of the randomised data) reviewed the clinical data on the use of hyperthermia and radiation therapy for the treatment of patients with superficial recurrences of breast cancer. The authors concluded that “There is a substantial literature regarding the combined use of hyperthermia and radiotherapy for these superficial recurrences. Most of it is retrospective in nature, but there are several larger phase III randomised trials that show an improved rate of clinical complete response in patients treated with both modalities.”

Moros, et al. (Present and future technology for simultaneous superficial thermoradiotherapy of breast cancer) reviewed the results of three consecutive clinical studies using simultaneous hyperthermia and radiation therapy (thermoradiotherapy) to treat 119 breast cancer patients. The first two trials (n = 60) included breast cancer patients who were usually recurrent after prior therapies, including radiotherapy. The third trial (n = 49) evaluated the treatment of high risk but curative patients who had no visible disease (after surgery and/or chemotherapy) who had received no prior radiotherapy. The authors concluded that “Simultaneous superficial thermoradiotherapy and total thermal dose was highly correlated with complete response. In the third trial the overall local control was 97% with no significant morbidity difference between heated and control sectors and no increase in morbidity between four and eight simultaneous treatments.”

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The International Journal of Hyperthermia is a peer-reviewed medical journal that is the official journal of the Society for Thermal Medicine, the European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology, and the Japanese Society of Hyperthermic Oncology. The Journal covers research and clinical studies on hyperthermia.

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