Boston University School of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Wins 2013 Ventana Research Leadership Award for Its Implementation of Actifio

Boston University School of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Wins 2013 Ventana Research Leadership Award for Its Implementation of Actifio

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The Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM), Department of Medicine, today announced that it is being honored, along with ™, the radically simple management company, as a winner of the 2013 Ventana Research Leadership Award for Sustainability.

BUSM’s Department of Medicine was selected to receive this award from Ventana Research analysts based on the impact of its implementation of Actifio’s Copy Data Storage. The implementation allowed the Department of Medicine to sustain IT operations more efficiently; protecting hundreds of terabytes of data without having to protect all the copies, thus dramatically reducing the amount of storage needed. With Actifio, the Department of Medicine has reduced its total storage costs by 10X, its data by 50 percent and its bandwidth by as much as 70 percent—saving nearly $1.5 million on hardware expenditures for backup storage.

“We congratulate Boston University Medical Center for receiving the 2013 Ventana Research Business Technology Leadership Award in Sustainability for its use of Actifio to help streamline the storage and use of data more intelligently. Their approach allowed them to avoid creating more storage networks that consume more resources and footprint in the IT organization. I'd also like to congratulate Actifio for making it possible for their customers to derive such significant value and help organizations like Boston University Medical Center adapt their IT and data needs to be more sustainable in its operations and use of technology.” – Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Director, Ventana Research.

Boston University Medical Campus is home to the university's Schools of Medicine, Public Health and Dental Medicine, as well as the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences. It serves more than 3,400 full- and part-time students. As an academic medical research center, researchers move quickly from project to project, but their findings and the data they generate must be stored and protected as the need to access it may arise at any time. Storing and protecting previously generated data, and related copy data for backup and disaster recovery efforts, in countless different formats and standards, is a complex and burdensome task. To balance compliance while managing a tremendous amount of data that needed to be effectively stored, shared, analyzed and managed, the Medical School turned to Actifio’s Copy Data Storage solution.

“Actifio’s Copy Data Storage has allowed the BUSM Department of Medicine to focus on medical research, not wrangling copy data,” said Dr. John Meyers, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Director of Technology for the Department of Medicine. “In addition to streamlining the copy data problem, the Department often uses identifiable patient data for approved studies; Actifio afforded faculty access to patient information without allowing the data to leave the school.”

The Ventana Research Leadership Awards recognize and promote individuals and organizations that have contributed to advancing the use of technology in their organizations bringing together people, process, information and technology to achieve the best potential outcomes. As part of the scoring process and methodology, Ventana Research examined submissions and nominations from the research team to assess, score and select the technology that has the best impact in that specific category.

“At the time that the Department of Medicine set out to wrangle their copy data challenge, there were no solutions specifically tailored for the research/life sciences vertical to safely store, share, analyze, recall and minimize the large amounts data created in the discovery process,” said Ash Ashutosh, Actifio CEO. “Dr. Meyers was one of Actifio’s earlier users and we worked closely with him to meet his unique needs. We’re humbled that his organization has now been recognized for their innovation and sustainability in implementing a more efficient data management strategy.”

The 2013 Ventana Research Leadership Awards recognize individuals and organizations that have advanced business leadership by effectively utilizing their people, processes, information and technology to achieve the best outcomes. The Leadership Awards showcase not only organizations but also the leaders and pioneers who have contributed to their organizations' successes. These practitioners exemplify the fact that delivering business success requires the successful efforts of a team guided by strong, visionary, effective leadership.

The awards are judged by the analysts at Ventana Research, an industry-renowned research team with hundreds of years of experience in business and technology. The team evaluated each submission to assess the organization's use of people, processes, information and technology, the best practices it developed and the project's business impacts on the organization in 2012 and 2013 as well as the projected value in 2014.

Originally established in 1848 as the New England Female Medical College, and incorporated into Boston University in 1873, Boston University School of Medicine today is a leading academic medical center with an enrollment of more than 700 medical students and more than 800 masters and PhD students. Its 1,246 full and part-time faculty members generated more than $335 million in funding in the 2009-2010 academic year for research in amyloidosis, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, infectious disease, pulmonary disease and dermatology among others. The School is affiliated with Boston Medical Center, its principal teaching hospital, the Boston and Bedford Veterans Administration Medical Centers and 16 other regional hospitals as well as the Boston HealthNet.

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