Boston mayor threatens non-profit property tax exemption; Neurosurgeon Gail Rosseau considered for Surgeon General;

> Boston's mayor is taking a unique approach to non-profit hospital tax exemption: he's threatening to raise the fees that they pay in lieu of property taxes. FierceHealthFinance

> Yet another Chicago native is being considered for a position in Obama's new administration; this time it's Gail Rosseau, one of only 300 female neurosurgeons nationwide, who is being considered for the Surgeon General position. Article

> Direct-to-consumer advertising from the pharmaceutical industry has been increasing over the past years, but so far in 2008 it has decreased by 6 percent. FiercePharma

> Bad news for pharma reps is apparently good news for physicians: More doctors than ever are finding the number of reps that call on them appropriate, after pharma reps have suffered from thousands of layoffs over the last several years. FiercePharma

And Finally... Apparently eBay is a good place to vent your frustration against corrupt politicians. Article