Boston ends Canadian drug import program, citing lack of interest

Nationally, programs offering lower-cost Canadian prescription drugs have raised headlines, moving ahead despite federal authorities saying  that doing so wasn't kosher. Four years ago, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino was one of those who took a stand, offering such drugs to employees and retirees. He followed in the footsteps of several other mayors launching drug reimportation programs, including the mayor of Springfield, MA.

In this case, however, it doesn't seem to have impressed them. The program is now ending, having never attracted more than a handful of participants. City officials say that there's been a lack of interest from eligible city retirees, many of whom are more interested in leveraging U.S. generic offerings, web-based Canadian pharmacies and generic drug programs. However, one city council member contends that the city was forced to abandon the program due to pressure from the FDA, which strong opposes such efforts.

To learn more about the program's end:
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