Bob Doherty - 10 Healthcare Bloggers We're Thankful For

Who: Bob Doherty

Blog: The ACP Advocate Blog

About the blogger: Doherty is the American College of Physicians senior vice president for governmental affairs and public policy.

What makes this blog so fierce? Doherty manages to offer calm, level-headed commentary on topics that often can lead to superheated, highly polarized debates in other forums. A rare voice of moderation, he also gives you content you can't get anywhere else. In one Sept. blog, he shares insights from an ACP meeting with CMS head Donald Berwick.

Focus: Issues of interest to internists. His range is wide. Recent topics have included how Fred Flintstone was the victim of a medical error, an essay on whether Medicare should pay less for less effective care, and the highly partisan debate over health reform.

Quote: "On the other hand, at a time when rising healthcare spending threatens to break the [federal] bank, can the country afford Medicare's agnosticism in what it pays for services of differing effectiveness?"