Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Selects Benefitfocus for Online Enrollment and Billing

CHARLESTON, S.C., March 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Benefitfocus today announced an extended agreement with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida (BCBSF) for online enrollment and billing technology provided by the BENEFITFOCUS® Platform. BCBSF has worked with Benefitfocus since 2006 to offer its customers an online enrollment and billing system for all types of benefits. This new agreement expands and extends the Benefitfocus contract with BCBSF through 2015.

"As healthcare evolves and consumer demands grow, it is important for us to stay at the forefront of benefits technology," said Darnell Smith, Group Vice President of Service at BCBSF. "We have seen a growth in adoption rates by both small and large clients."

Benefitfocus enrollment technology, privately labeled BluesEnroll, provides Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida customers with a simplified way to enroll in all of their benefits from one online portal. The technology moves the shopping and enrollment processes online for medical, dental, life, hospital indemnity, short and long term disability, flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts offered by BCBSF.

The Benefitfocus billing solution provides groups with a simplified, user-friendly interface to view and pay their invoices for all types of benefits. BCBSF offers multiple payment options to its customers including PINless debit, credit card and AutoPay for recurring payments. Benefitfocus billing technology also enables BCBSF to capture binder payments during the sales process. Sixteen thousand small groups in Florida have moved from paper to online bills, with 1,000 more making the transition each month.

"Having an existing customer renew and expand an agreement validates our confidence in our technology and vision," said Shawn Jenkins, President and CEO of Benefitfocus. "We are glad to continue working with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, and believe this is further evidence that the Benefitfocus Platform is the true standard for shopping, enrolling and managing benefits."

About Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida is a leader in Florida's health industry. Since 1944, the company has been dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of all those it serves by offering an array of choices. BCBSF is a not-for-profit, policyholder-owned, tax-paying mutual company. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., BCBSF is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, an association of independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies. For more information concerning BCBSF, please see its Web site at

About Benefitfocus

Benefitfocus is the largest healthcare and voluntary benefits software provider in the U.S. with 12,201,384 consumers, 302,291 employers, 59,016 brokers and 3,147 carrier representatives live on the Benefitfocus Platform. Benefitfocus offers a single Web-based platform for benefit shopping, enrollment, management and industry-standard data exchange. Benefitfocus – All Your Benefits. One Place., Inc.
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