Blast from the past: Pediatrician's house call business is booming

While house calls may be considered old-fashioned by some standards, it's the only way Dr. Edward Kulich does business, according to a Wall Street Journal profile. 

For Kulich, who left his typical private practice in Florida in August 2009 to work strictly as a traveling doc in and around the New York City area, the rationale behind his decision was primarily to improve patient satisfaction. 

"Practicing medicine this way--spending more time with a patient--enables me to be a better doctor and to get to know the patient better as a whole," he says. "There's only so much you can do within the constraints of a 10 minute visit." 

While in the past, Kulich would see 40 to 50 patients a day, now a busy day consists of six visits scattered around the city. The overall money is roughly the same, he says--his base fee is $300 per visit, with patients getting reimbursements between 40 and 70 percent--but the doctor-patient relationship is enhanced monumentally. 

Fore example, during visits to one particular patient rehashed by the WSJ, Kulich did everything from making balloon animals to bringing personalized presents to a young boy--in addition to his medical duties. 

Thus far, Kulich has gotten by with minimal advertising. Instead, he relies on word of mouth and parenting list-servs in addition to his website

"I'm just trying to build a long-term relationship with my patients," he says. 

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