BioMedix™ TRAKnet™ PM ONC Certified EHR Takes Primary Care and Sub-Specialty Practices to the Next Level!

ST. PAUL, Minn., Aug. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- BioMedix™, a leader in providing integrated medical diagnostic hardware, Health Information Technology (HIT) software and cloud-based solutions, announces the launch of TRAKnet™ PM Advanced Practiced Management Solutions for primary care and sub-specialties.

TRAKnet™ PM is an expandable, all-in-one practice management platform and fully ONC-ATCB certified Electronic Health Record (EHR)* that helps make primary care and sub-specialty practices eligible to capitalize on government incentives while streamlining patient care. TRAKnet™ PM enables seamless operation, increased efficiency and reduced costs by incorporating billing, charting, scheduling, e-prescribing and inventory management, allowing effortless transition from scheduling to encounters and claims. It is a complete premise or cloud-based solution for healthcare centers of excellence.

TRAKnet™ PM users can access this solution via the platform that works best for them. The application can be installed on a local server within the practice (premise-based model) or hosted via a secure cloud-based solution that allows users to log in to TRAKnet™ PM from any computer with a secure internet connection. Whether hosted or locally installed, all TRAKnet™ PM clients have the opportunity to take advantage of exciting program updates, new ancillary products and services offered by BioMedix™.

"The push for EHR integration into physician offices makes this a unique opportunity to broaden the scope of services and products we are able to deliver to our clients," said BioMedix™ Chief Software Technologist, Scott Leum, DPM, "TRAKnet™ PM will allow us to support more physician practices as they make the important transition to EHR."

The introduction of TRAKnet™ PM adds further value to the integrated suite of BioMedix™ products that help medical professionals to build healthcare centers of excellence. TRAKnet™ PM interfaces with the full suite of BioMedix™ products and services, including the award-wining PADnet™+ in-office vascular diagnostic device. BioMedix™ also offers customized implementation support for the best possible transition experience.

"BioMedix™ is committed to making Healthcare Information Technology more accessible to all physicians in support of quality patient care," said John Romans, President & CEO of BioMedix™. "TRAKnet™ PM will meet the EHR and practice management needs of primary care and sub-specialty practices in a single, comprehensive solution."

About BioMedix™

BioMedix™ is a leader in Health Information Technology (HIT) software, products and services that connect Podiatric Physicians, Primary Care Physicians, vascular labs, vascular specialists and healthcare systems in a continuum of collaborative care. We provide the only integrated suite of hardware, software and online services designed to cost-effectively detect vascular disease. Our award-winning suite of medical devices, advanced practice management and Electronic Health Record (EHR) software and web-based solutions give providers a more complete view of patient care. For more information about BioMedix™ products, call 877-854-0014 or log on to

*Vendor Name: BioMedix Date Certified: 10/28/2010  Product Version: TRAKnet Practice Management Software 2.0  | Unique Certification ID: CC-1112-101360-2.  More information at | TRAKnet™ is a trademark of BioMedix™ Source: ML-142