Big plans for the iPad; Staff generosity pays off at Boston hospital;

> Apple's new iPad hasn't even hit the market yet, and already IT gurus have big plans to use the portable device in healthcare. Mobile physician Dr. Blaine Warkentine and "e-futurist" Doug Goldstein have gotten together to create the 10 Commandments for iPad Success in Healthcare. (Unlike Moses, Steve Jobs needs just one tablet.) FierceMobileHealthCare

> Yes, Virginia, it can be done. Check out these 16 peer-reviewed case studies of healthcare organizations that have successfully employed IT to improve patient safety and the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of care. FierceHealthIT

> Karma is indeed a boomerang. Staff at Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center gave up raises and benefits to help the hospital avoid layoffs of its lowest-paid workers. Their generosity worked - and now they're getting those raises, Paul Levy, president and CEO, tells the Boston Globe. Article