Awarepoint Announces Independent Clinical Testing of its T2S Realtime Location Systems (RTLS) Tag

SAN DIEGO (May 28, 2009) - Awarepoint Corporation, a provider of ZigBee-based real-time location systems (RTLS) for hospitals, today announced it has completed independent clinical testing for its T2S sterilizable RTLS tag. Independent testing has been performed by SPSmedical for decontamination and mechanical cleaning, Cytotoxicity, steam pre-vacuum efficacy, and STERRAD® Sterilization Systems including use in wrapped trays and Tyvek® Peel Pouches. Awarepoint chose SPSmedical because they are the largest sterilizer testing laboratory in North America. SPSmedical subjected Awarepoint's T2S RTLS tag to product-specific cleaning, sterilization and disinfection procedures for reusable devices, including:

1 Decontamination and Mechanical Cleaning

This validates the effectiveness of decontamination and cleaning process when the tag is subjected to a mechanical washer.

2 Cytotoxicity

Samples from the tested Awarepoint T2S Tag met the USP and ISO 10993-5 requirements and are considered non-toxic under the test conditions employed.

3 Pre-vacuum Steam Sterilization Study

Performance testing validated the recommended cycle parameters are safe and effective when sterilizing the Awarepoint T2S sterilizable Tag per AAMI/ISO guidelines.

4 STERRAD® Sterilization Systems

Performance testing confirms the recommended cycle parameters are safe and effective for use when sterilizing the Awarepoint T2S sterilizable Tags in a hospital STERRAD® 100S sterilization full cycle. The protocol for STERRAD® testing included use in the wrapped tray and Tyvek® Peel Pouch.

All original reports are on file at Awarepoint's corporate office in San Diego, California.

"By simulating clinical use, Awarepoint has established a reliable product that can be cleaned, disinfected and sterilized between patient use," said Bryant Broder, Senior Product Manager at Skytron. "This was crucial in Skytron's decision to offer this product to our hospital customers, and gives us the only independently clinically tested sterilizable RTLS tag on the market today."

Medical Instrumentation Tray Management

Medical instrumentation trays are critical to patient care, and designed for reuse only after adequate cleaning and sterilization. Traditionally, RTLS is used for enterprise-wide hospital asset management - from wheelchairs and gurneys, to IV pumps and pulse oximeters. To date, medical instrumentation trays have been left out as an entire RTLS category, as active (battery powered) RTLS asset tags could not survive the cleaning and sterilization process. Identifying the location and status of instrumentation trays reduces surgical case delays and cancellations, increases staff efficiency and provides usage information to better manage replacement cost budgets. According to Valerie Fritz, Awarepoint's senior vice president of marketing, "The hard dollar return on investment (ROI) for hospitals using RTLS to manage instrumentation trays is vast. Initial calculations at University of California San Diego Medical Center anticipate nearly $500,000 in cost savings and revenue impact in the first year alone."

Patient Tracking and Workflow Automation

Many savvy hospital administrators are using RTLS to provide patient tracking and workflow automation processes; however anything the patient touches, or that may touch the patient, must be clean to avoid the risk of cross contamination and prevent the transfer of pathogens. Awarepoint's T2S sterilizable tag is an extremely cost effective solution for patient tracking applications. When a patient is ready to be released from the hospital, staff snips off the bracelet/tag, discards the bracelet, and saves the tag for sterile processing and reuse. "This process eliminates the tag as a potential contributor to one of the most preventable patient safety issues - hospital acquired infections," Fritz added.

STERRAD® is a registered trademark of Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP), division of Ethicon, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company. Tyvek® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.

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