Award hospital people-pleasers for patient satisfaction, better morale

To contend with looming physician shortages, hospitals need to retain quality workers. Memorial Hermann Northeast Hospital in Humble, Texas, is keeping its workers happy and engaged by rewarding staff members who achieve high levels of patient satisfaction, reports the Ultimate Lake Houston.

Each month, the hospital gives employees, physicians, and departments an "iWOWed" (i'm Working On Wonderful every day) award.

Eleven "people-pleasing" hospital employees were publicly recognized for reaching the highest level--the Glow level--for receiving 20 or more compliments from coworkers, patients, and visitors since the start of the fiscal year, notes the article.  

Employees also were honored at the Gold level for earning at least 15 compliments, the Silver level for receiving at least 10 compliments, and the Bronze level for receiving at least five.

Although the concept of offering recognition and reward to quality employees is not new, it is still touted for its effectiveness. According to Medical Economics, trying to acknowledge individual achievements more often--both verbally and with memorable gestures--is a fundamental way to keep staff motivated during tough times.

Hospitals should consider recognizing good workers as a means to boost and sustain hospital staff morale, rather than only focusing on when they do something wrong.

Instead, hospital managers ought to praise employees' work. And with Medicare reimbursement now tied to patient satisfaction, such staff recognition is vital because staff behavior and morale--or lack thereof--can greatly influence the overall patient experience.

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