AssistMed Introduces Platform to Capture and Digitize Spoken and Handwritten Patient Healthcare Information

LOS ANGELES, March 22, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AssistMed, Inc. today announced the release of a data transformation platform, DuetTM, that enables healthcare professionals to dictate or handwrite medical information and receive it back securely as digital input for their healthcare information systems.

"AssistMed's Duet platform provides healthcare professionals usable and actionable data, securely distributing information to authorized systems using industry standard formats and security protocols - ensuring interoperability with any healthcare information system, including electronic health records, medical billing and healthcare information exchanges," said Leonardo Berezovsky, M.D., chairman and chief executive officer of AssistMed, Inc.

He emphasized that the Duet platform was developed based upon feedback from healthcare professionals who cited the need for technology that increases efficiency and productivity. "The Duet platform offers easy-to-use tools which, we believe, will greatly enhance the adoption of electronic health records among healthcare professionals," Berezovsky said.

"AssistMed Duet mirrors existing clinician workflows and allows physicians to record their speech using inexpensive recording devices, while the digital pen - which utilizes Anoto technology -- is able to capture handwritten data from familiar paper forms," he said.

The data is securely transmitted to AssistMed's hosted platform and processed without interfering with a physician's normal workflow routine.

"Our enterprise level platform empowers small and large healthcare institutions, both providers and payers, to revitalize their existing systems with handwritten and speech data capture with a simple HL7 and/or xml data map.  Duet makes EHRs user-friendly -- eliminating both lengthy training and decreased productivity for physicians," said Raul Kivatinetz, president and chief operating officer of AssistMed, Inc.

He noted that Duet is a Software-as-a-Service solution available as a low-cost, transaction and/or subscription model. "The initial investment is minimal and only requires a capture device, such as a digital pen, a digital recorder or phone, a printer, and an internet connection.  Using and deploying the system is easy and organizations will save money because there is no complex implementation or training process involved," Kivatinetz added

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Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, AssistMed, Inc. is dedicated to the application of information technology to create elegant solutions that improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of medical practice. The company's products and services facilitate provider adoption while improving quality, streamlining workflow, and reducing costs.  AssistMed's integrated SaaS platforms -- Duet and Trio -- include: CCHIT Certified Electronic Health Record, Personal Health Record and Patient Adherence Management, Practice Management System, Digital Pen-Forms, Dictation with Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing and Transcription & Editing Services.  Additional information is available at

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