ASCO 2009 Meeting Centers on Revolutionary iClinic® Electronic Medical Record from MDLAND

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 11, 2009 -- Physicians of all types have long struggled to find the right EMR/EHR package for their needs. To date, several broad-spectrum suites have debuted, but nothing has been seen designed specifically for the oncology practice. However, iClinic from MDLAND promises to be the oncology EMR suite needed to help ensure practices have the help of modern technology.

Traditionally, oncology medical record keeping was handled laboriously by hand, as was oncology billing. iClinic allows practices to enjoy the benefits of modern Internet-based technology, as well as a single-source solution for their oncology EHR/EMR and practice management needs. HIPAA compliant, iClinic is also certified by CCHIT, as well as being authorized through Medicare and BCBS. This suite ensures physicians can bill through 1,000 insurance payers, on both the local and national level. In addition, this ASCO EHR Lab product is the first created specifically for the oncology practice with the most affordable service model.

For the practice struggling to maintain, update and aggregate oncology electronic medical record keeping, iClinic promises tremendous benefits and helps ensure dramatic improvement and streamlining of the process. Oncology electronic health record keeping is greatly simplified through this easy-to-use interface, which can be customized for each practice's needs.

In addition, this ASCO EHR system ensures QOPI reporting, automated oncology billing, simple chemotherapy flow sheet applications and more. Perhaps best of all, oncologists and office managers will find that iClinic does not require any installation or download - it is available directly through the Internet, connecting the physician's office with MDLAND's state of the art data center. Through this software's powerful features, oncologists can access aging billing, registration history, book appointments at multiple office locations, create specific office hours and even manage office staff vacations and timesheets. This comprehensive solution offers oncologists and office managers enormous benefits that can take the hassle out of the process.

To find out more about how iClinic can help your oncology EMR/EHR needs, visit or call (212) 363-8000.

About MDLAND: MDLAND was founded in 1999, on the principle of providing exceptional solutions for EMR/EHR needs, as well as in Practice Management System (PMS). HIPAA compliant, MDLAND has developed the first ever oncology-specific EHR and PMS suite, iClinic. Through this dramatic development, oncologists and office managers are able to streamline the daily, weekly and monthly processes within the office, resulting in timesavings, as well as monetary savings.

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