As EHR Adoption Accelerates, OB-GYN Practices Turn to digiChart

As EHR Adoption Accelerates, OB-GYN Practices Turn to digiChart

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According to a new CDC report, electronic health record (EHR) adoption by physicians reached 55 percent in 2011, a number that is expected only to increase. Amid a sea of vendors trying to capitalize on this movement, ,continues to lead the market by offering OB-GYN practices specialty-specific EHR and practice management solutions. Focused on the OB-GYN market for 14 years, digiChart is a privately owned company backed by Vanderbilt University and MedCare Investment Funds.

The digiChart EHR, called , is one of the most widely used EHRs among OB-GYN practices. Every day, nearly 2 million women’s records and more than 100,000 active pregnancies are now being managed via digiChart. Recently, the company has significantly expanded its client base and product offerings.

“My OB-GYN practice is a longtime user of digiChart’s solutions. The company has a reputation in the OB-GYN world for being the ‘gold standard’ in electronic health records and, more recently, in practice management,” explained in Coupeville, Wash. “We continue to be a proud customer of digiChart because its technology is made for OB-GYNs, by OB-GYNs. That specialty-specific expertise is a big differentiator in the marketplace. Every day, digiChart helps us to enhance patient care and satisfaction, while also meeting meaningful use requirements.”

digiChart continues to expand its core product, the digiChart EHR, and add new products. , credits the significant growth in new customers to digiChart’s long history of consistently offering innovative, easy-to-use, affordable solutions tailored especially for the OB-GYN practice. Earlier this year, digiChart extended its relationship with ADP AdvancedMD to offer OB-GYN practices an integrated, best-in-breed EHR and practice management solution – .

Mr. Suiter said, “We listen closely to customer feedback and give them the OB-GYN practice solutions they need. In fact, that’s how PracticeSmart came about. Our customers told us they wanted a truly integrated EHR and practice management solution, so the clinical, administrative and financial parts of their practices could ‘talk’ to each other. We delivered that, and have enjoyed great success with the PracticeSmart product.”

A key advantage of digiChart’s EHR and practice management solutions is that they mimic the workflow in the OB-GYN office. Anytime-anywhere access includes immediate availability of the electronic ACOG antepartum record. The digiChart OB-GYN EHR is preloaded with nearly 40 easy-to-edit OB-GYN clinical treatment plans, and there are no templates to build. Unlike many other vendors, digiChart’s online patient portal and e-prescribing module are fully integrated and included in the pricing structure. digiChart solutions are available via an Internet-based (vs. server) platform, which reduces costs and maintenance, increases security, and allows for automatic updates.

digiChart provides electronic health record (EHR) and practice management system (PMS) solutions, along with related training, implementation and workflow improvement services. For more than 14 years, OB-GYN practices across the country have used digiChart’s solutions to streamline and optimize their practices clinically, financially and administratively, as well as to achieve higher rates of patient satisfaction. Every day, 100,000+ active pregnancies and nearly 2 million women’s records are managed through digiChart’s solutions. Online: .