Argus Expands Services With DSTHS CareAnalyzer

Analytics Solution Helps Health Plans, Providers and Health Management Programs Improve Health Outcomes and Manage Costs

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Aug. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Argus Health Systems, Inc., a leading independent transparent pharmacy benefit administrator, announced today the availability of DSTHS CareAnalyzer® to its customers. CareAnalyzer provides health plans, health management programs and healthcare providers a more accurate way to identify members, employees and patients who may benefit from targeted care management.

CareAnalyzer is a comprehensive analytics software solution that combines elements of patient risk, care opportunities, and provider performance to help organizations improve care management and meet reporting requirements for the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®).Using The Johns Hopkins ACG (Adjusted Clinical Groups) System for predictive modeling, CareAnalyzer helps health plans monitor HEDIS measures for the standard calendar year, or any user-defined analysis period. The ACG System was developed by The Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.

"As businesses adapt to the ramifications of healthcare reform, sophisticated analytics become even more important," said Jonathan Boehm, president and chief executive officer of Argus Health Systems, Inc. "Argus can now offer a powerful predictive modeling solution with the CareAnalyzer tool. This tool gives health plans the opportunity to identify and evaluate care gaps, in the context of a member's overall clinical profile, and select the most appropriate intervention to improve patient health outcomes."

CareAnalyzer helps health plans identify providers who are less effective at delivering efficient, high quality care. Health plans can detect providers with costly or unusual referral patterns and submit outlier providers for further investigation. Stratifying populations by risk profile allows for more targeted and effective interventions with individual members. This analysis supports healthcare reform's goals by helping plans to identify populations with special needs or disparities in care, determine the impact of medical homes and assign provider payment rates based on risk and effectiveness.  CareAnalyzer was developed by DST Health Solutions, LLC. DST HealthCare is comprised of DST Health Solutions and Argus, both wholly-owned subsidiaries of DST Systems, Inc.

About DST HealthCare Holdings, Inc.

DST HealthCare is the holding company for Argus Health Systems, Inc. and DST Health Solutions, LLC.

About Argus Health Systems, Inc.

Argus is a leading independent provider of healthcare information management services supporting commercial, Medicaid and Medicare Part D with a business model that provides full disclosure and transparency. Argus serves a wide range of clients and key healthcare organizations, including managed care organizations, pharmacy benefit managers and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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DST Health Solutions delivers systems and services that help improve efficiency, reduce operational costs, increase speed to market, and facilitate medical cost management and price containment. Our clients include commercial health plans, consumer-directed plans, government plans (Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D and Medicaid) and physician practices. DST Health Solutions' enterprise applications and outsourcing services include claims processing, member and provider management, benefit plan management, new product development, care management and medical management, and decision support/analytics. DST Health Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DST Systems, Inc. For more information about DST Health Solutions, call 800-272-4799, e-mail [email protected] or visit

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