Anthem Healthcare Intelligence Introduces Service Line Profit and Costing for Healthcare Organizations Preparing for Accountable

ORLANDO, Fla., June 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Anthem Healthcare Intelligence (AnthemHI) will introduce attendees at the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) 2011 National Conference to AnthemHI Service Line Analysis Module designed and implemented to ensure healthcare organizations are able to support a sustainable model for transition to an accountable care organization.

Anthem Healthcare Intelligence Service Line Analysis Module provides healthcare organizations with a complete solution for managing costs by clinical service lines enabling cost, quality, volume and reimbursement to be aligned to provide the outcomes necessary to determine both clinical service profitability and quality. Healthcare providers can take advantage of AnthemHI's unique design enabling efficient definition of clinical services with a comprehensive set of activities to ensure cost and quality are aligned providing a comprehensive view of profitability and value.

AnthemHI offers a SaaS model minimizing up-front costs along with providing healthcare specific pre-defined templates automating both the building of the features and extracting, transforming and loading source data into the AnthemHI application.  Expert financial and clinical resources available to ensure accurate and timely implementation along with high-touch customer support.


Anthem Healthcare Intelligence, Inc., provides innovative solutions that empower healthcare provider stakeholders with leading pre-built business intelligence and performance management software solutions. The company's Business Intelligence and Decision Support applications provide a comprehensive suite of web-based BI applications for hospital management, including Daily Indicators, Productivity Management, Service Line Analysis, Revenue Cycle, Contract Management Net Revenue, Cost Allocation and Financial Analytics.  AnthemHD features iFocus Executive Information dashboards insuring anywhere, timely and efficient access to current clinical, financial and revenue cycle outcomes. To learn more about AnthemHI, please visit


SOURCE Anthem Healthcare Intelligence, Inc.