Anthelio and Community Hospital 100 2nd Annual Survey Finds Community Hospitals Have Improving Operating Margins

67% Favor Romney Over President Obama

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Anthelio, the leading independent provider of comprehensive healthcare information technology services and business process solutions for hospitals and other healthcare providers, today announced the results of the 2 annual survey completed with Community Hospital 100. The survey provides insights into the financial health and new initiatives of community hospitals across the country, and was released on October 15, 2012 at the 2012 Community Hospital 100 Executive Management Conference in Tucson, Arizona.

The survey found that responding community hospitals are struggling financially and face significant challenges due to rising healthcare costs and lower reimbursements:

67 percent of the respondents reported that Mitt Romney will have the most positive impact on improving healthcare in the U.S. compared to 33 percent for President Obama, a strong indication that community hospitals do not like Obamacare.

Community hospitals surveyed identified the following priorities to improve operational efficiencies:

“The results of this survey indicate that community hospitals continue to face unprecedented operational and financial challenges that are expected to be exacerbated by a continuing barrage of new regulatory requirements such as the ‘meaningful use’ rules, the proposed readmission penalties and the new value based purchasing rules,” said Rick Kneipper, CEO (Interim) and Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer of Anthelio. “These challenges may stifle the innovations essential to improve top-line and bottom-line performance so that community hospitals can refocus their resources on maximizing patient care.”

A copy of the full survey results is available on the Anthelio website at the following .

The community hospital financial health and new initiatives survey was conducted between August and October 2012 based on the results of an email questionnaire sent to 2,500 community hospitals with fewer than 300 acute beds. Responses were received from 82 community hospital executives representing 71 community hospitals. The survey was released to the community hospital executives who attended the 2012 Community Hospital 100 Conference in Tucson, Arizona.

Community Hospital 100’s mission is to help lead the future of health in our communities by providing exceptional learning and relationship building opportunities for community hospital and system executives. The centerpiece of this group is an annual leadership conference, which is complemented by additional knowledge-sharing activities throughout the year.

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