Another attempt to halt Horizon BCBS of NJ's switch to for-profit

Doctors are still trying to put a halt to Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey's plan to switch from non-profit to for-profit. This time, they have sent a letter to state regulators, asking them to consider whether BCBS of New Jersey's reasoning for the switch still makes sense in the failing economy.

In doing so, they join the state's other non-profit health plans, which have also argued vociferously against Horizon's plans. A group formed by the other non-profit plans--the Alliance for Advancing Nonprofit Health Care--contends that Horizon hasn't given a good enough reason to justify the conversion.

Despite these protests, however, the process seems to be continuing on without interruption. Horizon is not reconsidering their plans, nor has the state interrupted its deliberations to consider the doctors' concerns.

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