AMCP eDossier System Pilot Program Launches

Jan. 26, 2010--The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) and Dymaxium Healthcare Innovations, Ltd. have launched the AMCP eDossier System Pilot Program (see This powerful electronic dossier system promises to revolutionize the way health care decision makers (HCDMs) access and evaluate information needed to make evidence-based formulary decisions. 

The AMCP eDossier System combines the familiar structure of paper-based dossiers with technologies that are flexible and interactive, while maintaining strict adherence to regulatory standards. The new system allows drug formulary decision makers to easily search and filter through the often overwhelming volumes of information within product dossiers and greatly improves the accessibility of critical evidence. 

The System already has more than 200 prequalified registered HCDMs from more than 100 unique health organizations, 25-30 drug manufacturer product eDossiers, and 30-plus manufacturers who have opted to be included in the System's eRequest Tool. 

The purpose of the Pilot Program is: (1) to allow HCDMs to login to the general System and become familiar with some of the features and functionalities, including the initial versions of an eRequest Tool and Manufacturer Directory; (2) to provide a time period for manufacturers to determine if they will make their product dossiers available on the AMCP eDossier System after its official launch; and (3) to gather feedback from HCDMs regarding the usefulness of the System's offerings to support their decision making processes.

Access to any product eDossier available on the System by a HCDM requires an unsolicited request from the HCDM using the System's eRequest Tool and authorization by the manufacturer for the HCDM to access the requested material. In order to comply with regulatory requirements, a menu of eDossiers available on the System is not published. To receive access to any product eDossiers on the AMCP eDossier System, HCDMs must submit an unsolicited request for information to the manufacturer using the System's eRequest Tool. If the product eDossier is available, the manufacturer will authorize access based on the HCDM's request. If the eDossier is not yet available on the System, the manufacturer will respond to the request in the way it determines is most appropriate.

The AMCP eDossier System supports current review processes that have been substantially standardized by the use of the AMCP Format for Formulary Submissions, introduced in 2000. As is the case with paper dossiers based on the AMCP Format, the Academy and Dymaxium do not endorse products described in dossiers posted on the AMCP eDossier System, nor do the organizations have control over dossier content. Dossier content is the responsibility of the manufacturer. The Academy and Dymaxium are not responsible for any decision that would result from using the information posted on the system.