AMA yields on quality measures

In a major gain for pay-for-performance, the American Medical Association officially announced that it has agreed to work with the federal government to develop more than 100 quality indicators that will be used to evaluate the level of care provided by practitioners. The deal, which was leaked to the media last week, marks a tactical shift for the AMA. The AMA has long resisted the idea on the grounds that many quality indicators have the potential of misleading consumers and applying unwanted pressure on doctors. Under the terms of the agreement, the AMA will develop 140 physician performance measures covering 34 clinical areas. Many doctors are likely to complain loudly about the idea, but on the other hand, it may be a long time before the details are sorted out. This may be a potential victory for CMS, and the AMA scores points for cooperation, but note that there are many devils in the details.

- see this article from The New York Times