AMA demands retail clinic regs, backs off ban

While they backed off from demanding an all-out ban on retail clinics, delegates at the AMA annual House of Delegates meeting agreed to ask state and federal agencies to investigate them.

While several state medical societies already are pushing for retail clinic regulations, such initiatives are now an official part of AMA's national policy. The AMA contends retail clinics may not be providing adequate care, and may face conflicts of interests between their clinicians and the pharmacies run by the retailers where they're located.

Critics, including, of course, the retail clinic operators themselves, say the AMA simply is protecting its turf. They argue such investigations will slow clinic growth, nipping in the bud a promising model which can increase access to affordable healthcare. Also, retail clinic operators bristle at the notion they're providing questionable care; they contend nurse practitioners abide by their limits and work closely with physicians and hospitals.

To find out more about this dispute:
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