Alzheimer's rate causes caregiver shortage; seniors mistakenly blame healthcare reform for high drug prices;

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> Maryland hospitals' operating profits fell 71 percent in fiscal year 2013, leading to a record low profit margin, according to the state's Health Services Cost Review Commission, the Baltimore Business Journal reports. Article

> A worldwide increase in Alzheimer's disease is causing a shortage of caregivers, which will intensify as the number of Alzheimer's cases increases, Reuters reports. Article

> The Department of Veterans Affairs has increased services for the screening and treatment of breast cancer over the past five years, but a new study published in JAMA Surgery indicates that, at one VA hospital, the wait time for treatment for women post-diagnosis has increased. Study

> The consistent unpopularity of healthcare reform with the public is partially because more than half of senior citizens mistakenly blame the law for increased medication costs, Bloomberg reports. Article

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> Hospitals may not be prepared for the influx of patients through the state health insurance exchanges, according to a new study by PwC's Health Research Institute. Article

> In a rare regulatory sanction against a hospital, the Securities and Exchange Commission has charged the governing body of Jackson Health in Florida of misleading investors in connection with a 2009 bond sale. Article

And Finally… Parking that costs chestnuts. Article