ALSO NOTED: WellPoint exposes patient data; ED visits go up when OR trims Medicaid rolls; and much more...

> Security pros are lambasting WellPoint, which may have inadvertently allowed Web users to access data on 130,000 of its beneficiaries. FierceHealthIT

> A new study has found that when Oregon dropped a large group of Medicaid enrollees, the state's ED traffic went up. FierceHealthFinance

> It seems that pharmaceutical companies are waaaay behind on the drug effectiveness and safety studies that they're supposed to do once the drugs are approved. Surprised? FiercePharma

> Harvard president Drew Faust argues that the government's system for funding biotech research is broken. FierceBiotech

And Finally... What's really entertaining about reading this drug ad parody is that for a minute or two, you don't realize you're being taken for a ride. (Warning: Don't be drinking or eating anything when you read the advisory for squirrels). Site