ALSO NOTED: UPMC blames mix up on 'glitch';La. hospitals lacked plan; and much more...

> The World Health Organization warns that global deaths from chronic diseases may top the 400 million mark. Article

> The Supreme Court heard arguments on Oregon's physician-assisted suicide law today. Analysts expect the court to side with the federal government. Article

> The investigation into the deaths of more than 100 patients in last month's storms on the Gulf Coast continues. The Louisiana attorney general's office said few hospitals in New Orleans had adequate evacuation plans in place before Katrina. Article

> Officials at UPMC said a "computer glitch" is responsible for a mix up in which auto-signed test results were forwarded to physicians without having been reviewed by pathologists. Article

> Tennessee-based Community Health Systems, which operates roughly 70 hospitals, said it has acquired Chicago-area non-profit Vista Health's two hospitals. Article

> An Indiana judge is expected to rule on a challenge to the moratorium on new hospital construction. Article

> Four more patients have died from an unknown respiratory illness at a Toronto nursing home. Article

> Researchers at Johns Hopkins said programs that encourage "paired kidney donations" are a success and could serve as a model that might end the organ shortage. Article

> The Journal of the National Cancer Institute reports death rates from cancer have dropped a little over 1 percent per year since 1993. Article

> Cisco Systems said it plans to announce a new medical-grade network-based solution suite next week. Partners include Boston Medical Center and Bronson Methodist Hospital. Release

And Finally... Once again doctors, insurers and hospitals are in dispute, but this time the hospitals are lining up with the insurers against the doctors. Sound implausible? Well, it's happening in the Czech Republic. Article