ALSO NOTED: Schumer proposes expanded diabetes care; Exempla sues Sisters of Charity; and much more...

> Sen. Charles Schumer is calling for new legislation which would help fight the advance of diabetes in several ways, including expanded Medicaid coverage for screening and early treatment. Article

> Denver's Exempla Healthcare has filed suit against co-sponsor Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System in an effort to stop Sisters from attaining sole sponsorship of the entire entity. Article

> The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is about to complete a big IT project which will integrate all of its clinical data into a single view. FierceHealthIT

> One South Carolina hospital is rethinking work and patient flow in its emergency department, thanks to a team of student MBAs. Article

> A universal flu vaccine may be on the horizon. Report

> According to research released today, the anti-rheumatoid arthritis medication Enbrel has shown an amazing ability to rehabilitate Alzheimer's patients. Report

> The FDA has cracked down on seven companies that make "bio-identical hormones," saying these alternative hormones aren't any safer than regular HRT--plus, one common ingredient in the mix has never been reviewed and approved by government regulators. Report

And Finally... You know, I like IKEA too, but not this much. Article