ALSO NOTED: Rumor Mill: Heck to be named FCG president; Government group wants to use RFID to track EMTs; and much more...

> Rumor Mill: First Consulting Group president Steve Heck will be named CEO in the next week. Blog

> Nationwide Health, a trust that invests in healthcare real estate, priced its public offering. Article

> The National Institute of Standards and Technology proposes to tag first responders with RFID chips to help track emergency personnel during moments of crisis. Blog

> Montefiore Medical Center on Long Island introduces a talking "electronic nurse" designed for remote disease management. Article

> Newt Gingrich was at Harvard talking about healthcare and apparently calling for a universal healthcare system. We're not sure that word means what he thinks it means. Article

> Three former KPMG auditors settled their cases with the government over their involvement in the Tenet accounting scandal. Article

> Wisconsin-based Medical Imaging software company Merge Technologies faces a shareholder suit over its acquisition of Cedara. Article

And Finally... Bird Flu Index? Trend Macroanaltyics, a research firm serving institutional investors, has created an index of stocks that could see major growth if an avian flu pandemic breaks out. Article