ALSO NOTED: Medicare program helps slow rate of drug spend; Bush stumps for healthcare proposals; and much more...

> Federal analysts say that the government's new Medicare Part D drug program has slowed the rate of growth in the amount of money being spent on therapeutics as insurers negotiate lower prices for members. But the trajectory of spending on healthcare in the U.S. will continue to arc upwards, leading to 2016 when the federal government will cover the cost of 50 percent of all care provided. Report

> President Bush continues to travel around the country plugging his healthcare reform proposals, landing yesterday in Tennessee. Article

> The EPA has issued guidelines patients should follow when they're getting rid of drugs they don't use. Article

> The state of Pennsylvania has won $7.8 million in a settlement with Schering-Plough over improper drug marketing and pricing practices. Release

> Air ambulances may be necessary at times, but they're far more expensive than most people realize, and may not be covered by "air evacuation" clauses in travel insurance. Release

And Finally... Who would have thought you could fight childhood obesity by having kids play another video game? Article