ALSO NOTED: Medicaid spending tops education; GE Healthcare profits up; and much more...

> GE Healthcare revenue was up about 15 percent last year. GE's fourth-quarter profit was down 46 percent as the company took a loss from the closing of its insurance business. Release

> HHS Secretary Michael Leavitt has canceled his keynote at next month's HIMSS in San Diego. He will attend a conference on Avian Flu in Europe instead. Blog

> Legislators in New Hampshire passed a bill that would require warning labels on consumer goods containing RFID tags and restrict certain uses of the technology. The bill now goes before the New Hampshire state senate. Article

> Goldman Sachs projects that China's market for medical technology will grow to $15 billion annually by 2015. Article

> Disease management specialist American Healthways signed contracts with three hospitals. Release

> A new report by the State Coverage Initiatives program found that spending on Medicaid topped spending on education this year. Article

> Radiologists reacted angrily to a report by U.S. Pharmacopeia that says radiology departments have the highest rate of preventable medical errors at U.S. hospitals. Article

> Cardinal Health said it has signed a three-year contract with Premier worth $965 million, to provide the GPO's member providers with caps, trays and gowns. Release

> UCLA Medical Center has largely avoided the staffing problems facing other California hospitals. Managers think the way they treat their employees has something to do with it. Article

> The new generation of stethoscopes attempts to filter out hospital background noise. Article

> Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a "vein-finding" system that uses Doppler technology for faster, more accurate injections. Release

And Finally... A new report suggests that if you are uninsured you are very unlikely to get an organ transplant. Article