ALSO NOTED: Mass General gets $35M; Breast cancer, hormones linked?; and much more...

> Massachusetts General Hospital has received a $35 million donation for its burn unit and emergency department, courtesy of media bigshot Sumner Redstone. Article

> New federal statistics indicate that when menopausal women began cutting back on hormone use in 2002, breast cancer cases fell substantially, suggesting a link between hormones therapy and the disease. Article

> A new study found that Minnesota spent 12 percent more on healthcare in 2006 than the year before, driven in part by a 15 percent jump in inpatient hospital costs. Article

> The cost of treating common illnesses such as cancer, heart attacks and mental illness has shot up between 2000 and 2004. Article

And Finally...  A Tennessee doctor admits that when it comes to treatment, he's not color-blind. Article