ALSO NOTED: LA hospitals putting homeless on skid row; Dems clashing over Medicaid; and much more...

> Three hospitals in Los Angeles reluctantly admit that they routinely put homeless patients in taxis with instructions to take them to skid row. Article

> The debate over Medicaid reform has sharply divided Democrats into two groups, as governors say they are in favor of controlling spending. Article

> Drug companies in search of the perfect sales rep have set up recruiting programs targeting cheerleading programs at NCAA schools. Article

> Potential Indian healthcare services outsourcing giant Apollo said its second-quarter profit was up 11 percent. Brief

> AT&T was awarded a contract to provide voice networking services to Boston Medical Center. Release

> Medical Connectivity Consulting looks at the growing demand for wireless alarms for medical devices such as infusion pumps. Blog

> St. Louis based BJC Healthcare announced plans to offer online personal health records for employees. Article

> The campaign to stop medical errors is examined in the aftermath of a series of fatal incidents at California hospitals. Article

And Finally... Harvard's Code Blue project is examining technology that will allow wireless sensors on devices like oximeters. Web site