ALSO NOTED: Health plan skips hospital coverage; Tenn. CON plans on hold; and much more...

> A South Florida health plan is cutting premium costs by leaving out hospital coverage entirely. Article

> Legislation which would have changed Tennessee's Certificate of Need process has been put on the shelf until 2008. Article

> As they invest in new construction, Cincinnati hospitals are adding features designed to support bariatric patients. Article

>  A member of the federal House of Representatives has introduced a new bill which ask an arm of the government to develop health integration standards for the U.S. Report

> Over the past year, study after study has documented that physicians aren't investing heavily in HIT upgrades, particularly EMR systems. But a new study suggests that the tide is about to turn. Report

> Despite a great deal of happy talk by regulators, legislators and vendors, doctors are still not that enthusiastic about e-prescribing. Report

And Finally... These doctors had a pretty eventful flight--but at least they got a round of applause when they were done. Article