ALSO NOTED: Garamendi undergoes emergency surgery; VISICU IPO price rises; and much more...

> Spiration, which is working on an intra-bronchial valve system for use in patients with lung disease, has raised $13.4 million through an investment from Olympus Medical Systems. Article

> The Wall Street Journal's Dr. Benjamin Brewer says Medicare Part D is playing havoc with his practice and his patient's lives. Article

> Yesterday Forbes wondered what lies ahead for VISICU. The conclusion? Legal trouble and lots of it. Today's BusinessWeek takes the opposing view. Article

> All of the interest appears to be paying off for VISICU. The company said this morning that it is raising its target price for this week's IPO to $13 to $15 per share. Article

> One of our favorite bloggers, Tim Gee of Medical Connectivity Consulting writes about RFID technology in healthcare. Blog

> Smart pump maker Alaris has won a contract with the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Blog

> Washington's campaign to keep seniors out of hospitals by increasing Medicare reimbursements for house calls appears to be working. Article

> Newt Gingrich continues to remain one of the most active voices in Washington on healthcare issues. Yesterday, Gingrich was in Detroit talking up the need for health reform. Article

> The Hartford Courant issues an editorial tsk-tsk on hospital infection rates. We look forward to the follow-up on insurer transparency. Article

> Officials in L.A. and San Francisco say they are using the Web to successfully promote awareness of STDs. Article

And Finally ... California insurance commissioner John Garamendi is recovering from emergency surgery to repair a heart valve this weekend. Don't worry. It's covered. Article